Friday, August 31, 2012

what's for lunch?

On a cold and rainy day,
there was nothing we wanted more than bak kut teh.
But alas,
lunch at Founder was not to be.
For they were closed. :(

Whampoa Market then.

Still gotta queue even at 3pm in the afternoon.

For a delicious mess.
The sauce was more than ample.
And I loved my healthy mix of vegetables.

And of course we needed some comfort food.
These oysters were bigger than I expected.
Crispy egg and just enough gluten.

Pick a main.
Duck rice.
No question.

Their orh peng (Black Rice)
was savoury.
Duck meat was firm and braising liquids were clearly infused.
For the first time,
I didn't actually mind the gravy.
It was a good compliment.
And their chilli?

And a mandatory stop at my favourite tau sar piah shop. It's an iconic neon lit signage, first shop at the start of the row of TSPs.
That pastry is to die for.
And I always only ever like the salty ones.
You just can't stop at one.


Bern said...

You missed out on their satay bee hoon and fried hokkien mee! Those 2 r my must-trys at this hawker centre.

min~* said...

it was late afternoon. the singapore hokkien mee stall only opens after 6. i grew up eating that :) i'm not a big fan of satay beehoon but thanks for sharing. which stall's good though? i love love love the grilled chicken wings and mangga ka satay. try those!