Monday, August 13, 2012

cafe 211 @ holland village shopping centre

so when's the last time

you had yourself a bowl of plain kelloggs with milk and sugar? :)

on a lazy sunday,
one of the boys made a reservation at cafe 211 in holland v.
it's been a while.

they have an outdoor seating area that's perfect for sunday brunch.
but my tandoori chicken with raita was dry.
too dry.
i had to ask for sour cream to make it edible.

after that ordeal.
i definitely needed a tiramisu pick me up.
and just that perfect bit of alcohol for me. :)

while the ice cream was lacking,
everything else was awesome.
first time i've had apple crumble with crumble bits and roughly chopped walnuts.
be prepared to wait though.
20 minutes it states.
freshly baked!

and nothing says satisfaction like that.

cafe 211
level 4
holland village shopping centre

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