Saturday, August 18, 2012

sushi tei

An advanced summer menu.
loads of kampachi and amaebi.

definite order.
while i love my greens,
i'd always wish there'd be more sashimi! :)
sushi tei dressing.
or wafu perhaps.
But I still love your version of the wafu.

pork katsu curry rice.
very. satisfying.
 the pork cutlet while juicy could do with being a little less burnt.
and just so that it wouldn't be soggy-
curry served on the side is always appreciated.

one of them random singapore souvenir shops at lucky plaza.
I wouldn't have stepped in save for the fact that I was out with some tourists.
and this was just so precious!
I didn't get it though.
When's the last time I accessorized.

Value adding.
I do that for you.
But you're pulling me down, friend.

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