Thursday, August 02, 2012

victor's kitchen @ sunshine plaza

I really needed some comfort food.
Thankfully the queue moved quickly.
Seems the stall's operations have been condensed into just two shop spaces combined together.
No more outside seating available either.
The only reason why people would be here, would be the food.
There's no comfortable environment around here so to speak.
You share tables with other diners and eat shoulder to shoulder with them.
All conversations can be heard.

So grab a food and drink order ticket and quickly make your orders.
You might have to wait for a bit.

The outer layer of glutinous rice was too dry and hard.
Only the rice in contact with the ingredients was soft and chewy.
And if you can see,
The gravy from the ingredients was a coagulated jelly like substance
that really put me off this dish altogether.

The pau skin was soft but the proportions were perfect although skewed.
The char siew was sickeningly sweet and needed all of that pau skin and more to counter the effects.

Serve the sauce separately already?
Too salty.
The radish cake was soft.
Very soft.
And the XO sauce given was meagre- a teaspoon.
I kid you not.

Milk custard buns lived up to their namesake.
Lava buns that were flowy. Yay!
But I wanted my savoury.
Not milky sweet.

Prawns with major crunch.
And chopped spinach added to its unique taste.
The crystal skin was just enough to hold the ingredients together.
This was unexpectedly the best item on the order list for me.

Quail egg siew mai.
The quail egg made it hard to eat this in just one bite.
but this was packed full of meats. The egg helped with a perfect balance.

Well, Victor's kitchen is no longer like I remembered it to be.
It's not hearty dim sum at pocket friendly prices anymore.
People come by a word of mouth influence.
I'd suggest dim sum at many other places where you can dine in comfort and have dim sum of much higher standards.
And well, let's not even compare this to tim ho wan.
oh how i miss!

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