Tuesday, August 14, 2012

furama and the banana leaf #bangsar #malaysia

raw. unedited.
of course i took a dip in this :)

and look what i found!
i love shopping in pantry magic.
window shopping.
i wouldn't be able to stop myself otherwise!

who needs plates when you have banana leaves. ;)

ayam goreng

kari tenggiri

sambal cumi goreng

cucumber and carrot in yoghurt, chopped spinach, tandoor deep fried bittergourd.
your choice of dhal, fish curry or chicken curry.
or all of that.
can you tell that i'm entirely contented with just a rice set?

my friends,
there's an arapaima in there!
these things should only exist in underwater world.
i know right?
it's massive.
and it snaps at the fish during feeding time.

murtabak ayam.
i love the onions and chicken filling.
from the ramadan bazzar just around the corner in subang.

what a pretty house.
and i'm glad we got to visit.
thanks dear :)

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