Tuesday, August 07, 2012

It's about comfort food #CookForFamily

It isn't rocket science to #CookForFamily.
But it might be rocket science for a possible followup on #WashForFamily :p

Cook and eat first.
Worry about the wash later.

So let's talk about what you need.
Just if you'd like to know, that's 22 small chinese black mushrooms, 150g of dried baby scallops, 10 leaves of lettuce, 3 bunches of parsley, 500g of minced pork.
Heavily dependent on the number of people you're feeding
and what you like.
Well what I like.
If you couldn't yet tell. :)

The minced pork is seasoned with oyster sauce, sesame oil and kikkoman light sauce.
And for that crunch,
Preserved vegetables.
Dong Cai. 

I couldn't find the rice cup that normally resides in the rice container so I used a jollibean container.
Washed and dried of course.
1.5 containers for 5 of us.
I left it to soak for just a half hour.
Makes it easier to break later with the stirring process. Skip that if you like porridge with whole rice grains.
Just a note:
These rice grains are thirsty hippos that drink up a lot more water than you'd expect.
If you dont want an overly thick and dry porridge,
go easy on the amounts of rice or please have a big pot!
Add in chicken soup stock or just one chicken stock cube.

Just keep stirring, just keep stirring.
And add on water throughout the bubbling process.
Add in roughly formed minced pork balls once it comes to a boil.
And you get lunch that looks like this.
Warm, comforting and nutritious porridge.
From our kitchen to yours. :)

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