Monday, November 18, 2013

love, bangkok

It's the end of the year and Bangkok's a travel destination for many.

So here's some of my favourite Thai treats in the local edition of Expat Travel and Living Travel Guide.

Definitely non-exhaustive.

I've only put in the address to one of the items.

And that's because the suckling pig there is crisp and the thin fatty layers melt in your mouth.

They also have deep fried yam in an outer coating of sugar that makes for a perfect ending to dinner.

The other featured food items have multiple places where they can be found and enjoyed.

Do let me know if you'd like addresses to feast on any of these treats.

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and Banh Khun Mae- getting all of Thailand in a family friendly restaurant.

Looking forward to Bangkok 2013 in December! :)

Monday, November 04, 2013

Ebi you heard?

If you've been surrounding your taste buds with the might of the Samurai Burger,

Look out for the next burger change from Macdonald's coming up this Thursday, 7th of November.

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Ebi you heard? I'm the shrimp they don't scrimp on! :)

Settling comfortably into a zone cordoned off for the bloggers' party at The Metropolis, I was excited to see directions for folding an origami style prawn. :)
It was a brilliant way to break the ice with each other, laughing at our inadequacies in reading origami directions, fiddling with scissors and paper bits.
And keeping our frazzled nerves cool was the very refreshing Tropical Tango McFizz- tasting like a mix of mango and orange.

And did you think I wouldn't succeed?
No origami ebi, no dinner. No origami ebi, no dinner...
How's that for motivational speak!

With great pride! :)

Notwithstanding the success of the origami activity,
everyone of us had our own ebi burger. 
The description that Sam (PR for Macdonalds Singapore) gave us was exactly what my tastebuds would put into words if they could speak.
A tasty combination of succulent whole shrimps in a golden breadcrumb patty, topped with thousand island sauce and crisp lettuce, in between lightly toasted sesame seed buns.
Every bite had the distinct taste of succulent shrimp.
And for double that pleasure, they're having an ebi double burger on the menu as well.
Little wonder that this is their best-selling burger from Japan!

No meal is ever complete without dessert.
Say hello to the new banana pie! :)
That same apple pie crust that has won over the hearts of many with a filling of ripened mashed bananas.
It's almost like the familiar favourite of goreng pisang but just not quite that.
Try it yourself.

Mark the date on your calendars.
Coming to you on 7th of November!
For a limited time only. :)

Many thanks to Janet from for coordinating the event together with the PR and Marketing team from Macdonalds.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Will the real Fatty please stand up?

An eye catching display right on the highest possible platform in the store.

And a slice of history.

I was impressed by the rich heritage of this shop.
An immediate text message to my aunt staying down the road at Kerrisdale leaves me feeling like a country bumpkin.
They dine here every weekend it seems!
Well, that's going to change in a minute.

Jumbo Spring Rolls ($3 per roll)

This was a great starter to dinner.
To camera action.
To conversation.
And simple satisfaction.
Crisp rolls deep fried to a golden brown packed densely with a myriad of flavours.
Simple. But so much flavour.
Charsiew, egg, vegan flour crispy bits and beansprouts to keep things moist and bursting with juices.
Eating this with sweet sauce was a preview of things to come.

Seafood hor fun- Large ($14)

I'm a carb monster and this was just speaking to me from the time it was set down on the table.
The generous servings of assorted seafood.
I hoped the gravy would have that umami.
And I wasn't disappointed.
The dish would've scored a lot higher in my opinions if the horfun was not fried with soy sauce for color and instead, simply tossed with minimal oil over high heat for that characteristic wok hei flavour. 

Prawn paste chicken- Large ($22)

This was a deep orange and best eaten piping hot.
Unfortunately, the flavour of prawn paste was a lot less muted than its pungent fragrance.
Having said that, this was still a plate of juicy chicken pieces with the satisfying crackle of deep fried skin.

Homemade beancurd in mushroom sauce ($22)

Silky smooth pieces of beancurd cut into squares and deep fried.
Topped with sliced chinese flower mushrooms and yellow chives, drizzled generously with sauce.
This was my favourite comfort food tonight. :) 

Black pepper beef ($22)

Tender slices of beef well marinated with a strong black pepper sauce stir fried with a generous serving of onions.
Fans of the red meat should make an order for this dish.

Fried Prawn with Oats-Large ($37)

The priciest item on the table that night but these juicy and succulent large prawns were well worth the price tag.
Girls would be pleased to see that the large prawns have been served peeled.
Eating this without getting oats all over your mouth is still an art.
And there were more than enough prawns for practice.
The use of oats in place of cereal was a novel step.
And although rougher in taste than the latter, this alternative was less sweet and definitely very filling.

Fried vegetables with minced meat ($16)

A nondescript dish of chopped veggies topped with minced meat had a je ne sais quoi that kept me wondering.
The boss kindly lets us in on the magic.
Powdered dried flat fish and oyster sauce made for a delish gravy that these veggies were stir fried in.

Sweet & Sour Pork- Large ($22)

These battered pieces of pork were minimally covered in batter so you get a full bite of pork in every cube.
I found the meat a little tough though but I actually would rather lean than fatty pork for this dish.
The sauce was an addiction.
It was also a plus point that real pineapple pieces were used instead of the canned ones.

Nice family style environment, with enthusiastic waitstaff who serve with a smile.
I'll definitely be back with family soon for some Cantonese styled stir fry in the Bugis area.

Always a good time of meeting and eating with the OpenRicers.
Thanks for the food tasting invite OpenRice :)

Wing Seong Fatty's Restaurant
Burlington Square, 175 Bencoolen Street, #01-34, Rochor, 189649
Mon to Sun: 1200 - 1430, 1700 - 2200