Saturday, September 29, 2007

and for all the days of my childhood with the sharity elephant newsletter, and sharity bandung ice creams, i finally got my chance for a polaroid moment. as an event organizer/ helper :) it was a lovely saturday. doing good to others is doing good for my soul. :)
and not just sharity, but the girl who's leaving for uk tmrw and the original indochine ppl. the boy who says okay to everything i bring up. soon we'll be doing dives together. i'm pretty sure of that :) and for the family who's behind me every step of the way. whampoa dinners and hokkien mee. something i'll never grow out of. when being a grown up gets hard, revisit the days when growing up was fun :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

haven't been this tanned since. gb days? :) thank goodness with some amazing conditioner, my hair is salvaged from turning into grass. hahaha.

and because we have a million assignments due (and i know my math is a little terrible) to be exact, there's like 9 due in less than a month. and it's the exact that scares me. :/ so when there's too much work to do, where do we go? our favourite essential brew. :) rosebud tea, honey mustard chicken and baskets of snacks make work that much more bearable. and the worst part about it? it was the mid autumn festival and i wasn't home to see the lighting of lanterns. sigh. and this is what they call growing up.
postcard perfect.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the boys i insured myself against. hahaha. the boys i love for many reasons. definitely not for nagging at me about sandy feet though.

and the most important thing on the trip. for the both of us. :) my happy cute buddy. and the girls. the two young sweet naive ones and the relatively older ones. not that it's a bad thing. in general, they are the second most important people on the trip. :)and then there's the third. but really. not in any order of preference. since it's a group. we dive and we surface as a group. -most of the time- nothing life threatening happened. but seeing a problem with my equipment and not telling me till something really happened is just erm. bad. i cannot believe after having faulty equipment and subsequently causing me to miss a dive, someone'd actually happily say, yeah i saw tiny bubbles from her hose on the second dive already. roar. hahaha. well. there's always the good and the bad. you can't have it all at once.
and i'm just ending here. not cause i'm fuming. but cos it's 2am. :) and hello there is school tmrw. i still have my brain in check. i just need to tell my heart to listen to my head tell me to behave at school tmrw. hahaha. it's hard to leave when something tells you the time away didn't really work out the way i planned. there's things you just can't leave behind. and honestly. not that i want to :)

eat. sleep. dive.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

these images are precious. about being truly genuine. i speak on part of my family. and 99.9% of the time you know they say what they mean, mean what they say. of course this would apply for both the good and the bad- positive and negative. i guess i wouldn't want to have it any other way. can you see mummy's eyes and mine? they look exactly the same when we scrunch our faces up. hahaha. :) so what made the family so happy? must be some semblance of food. happy tummies, happy people. so papa yeo went to batam for a day to check out some shipyard. and he texted me at class to ask what flavours of donuts we'd like! these jco donuts are a subsidiary of breadtalk and i have no slightest idea why they arent yet in singapore. but these are good stuff. chewy, light, and can you believe? not too sweet. :) just stay away from cream filled ones if you definitely dont appreciate the sweet. so i like most flavours, but my favourite yet- is tiramisu :) those are my bite marks. heh. hello deeelicious donuts.
so the sch week has passed in a blur and i'm already at the tail end of it. this morning was the first time i was late for classes this term. i think i'd get marks cut off for professional attitude. i was professional ok. i was early. my friend wasn't. the silly boy was still high from last night. but he was nice enough to bring me to sch. albeit a lil late. while he fell asleep in the car after and missed his classes this morning. hahaha. well. as long as i dont get letters from the fp office telling me about pay cuts. that would be ridiculous. like hello? the sch is in no man's land. even if i wanted to race to class, it'd take a while to actually get INTO campus from the main roads. i just wanted to make noise can you tell? hhaha. whee. diving this friday. 4 men room with just me and the two boys. i am NOT a man. they ought to have an optional loading on travel insurance for dubious roommates. hahaha. life's pretty awesome. but really. i'm still the same girl you knew. the same girl who loves you. :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

the wedding event of the year :) for now at least. we did what we could. and it was all good! the happy couple that makes me just wanna go aww. it's times like these when i wish i had a little romance in my life. :)
in as much as we made noise about being on the groom's side of the wedding, i think i speak for all of us when i say we had fun. and the thing about actually doing work-to put up the deco which wouldnt be possible without the amazing jas, having the best super-tired man ben, it made us all the more proud to be on rhys' guest list. efficient hard manual labourers transformed to smart looking boys and pretty princesses in literally a snap of the fingers. it would've been better if the girlfriends on ping's side were more forthcoming and rated higher on EQ scores but there was enough of us to do what we needed to do. and there's nothing like sitting around and hanging out. even zoning out. comfortable silences. the inexplicable type that you know you're cared for. even though i was tired. and i asked to be pinched to be reminded to smile (no one did that thank goodness). it was a good night out. it was a day well spent. and it's these kinds of things that you see and know for sure that there'd people looking out for you and doing everything they can possibly do for you. all you have to do is ask. or in this case. don't even ask. just agree and be stress-free :) whee! and in other pressing news: my 'healthy' tan looks positively hideous. hahaha.and nope i didn't rush home to finish my assignment. clar, andrew and i had supper at thomson prata house. hahaha. there was mee goreng, chicken masala, chicken murtabak and ice cream prata?! hahaha. and i'd do this again. anytime. :) erm. soon i mean. two weeks on a wed night aye!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

say hello to the red lobster claw! it's been tooo long since the sun left its mark on me. a pool dive day from 9am till 4pm. we were in the water from 11 onward. FIVE WHOLE HOURS. i became a prune. a happy prune. it was fun! my group of 6 had 4 girls and 2 guys. who arent really guys. hahaha. and we had a veteran for our instructor. his code number is in the 5 digits. these days they go by 6 digits. he's almost 60 i think. but awfully nice. patient. and wanting us to have fun. the rest of the groups were underwater for like 3/4 of that period of time. we were below water for say 1/2 the time? the closest he got to telling us off was about putting masks on top of our head like a bandanna. and all he called us was miss hollywood and oweing him lunch. the other instructors told people to shut their mouths and asked not too kindly what the hell do you think you're doing. a stark disparity. one i'm too glad to be a part of :) so this means i already know all i'm supposed to know till next friday. and then i'm off! no cellphone signal. no blankets. two mad boys. and cute girlfriends. that should be fun :)
primary school friends since? :) offers good suggestions. heh. curry fish head near our place. and yummy beef hor fun. and lovely homemade tofu. first day of the week i had time to breathe. although i was too tired to have a decent conversation with them. sorry girls. :/ tues wed was theory classes. i have NEVER and probably wont ever stay in school till 1130pm ever again. that place is a time warp. time passes and you dont even realise. at least that part's over for now. and thank God for getting me full marks on a 15% math test. that's not very exciting. the exciting part was this! --> :) my tutor's cute. he's a jolly old man. and he gives smiley faces. i like! i was worried about having to fill out my theory knowledge reviews and not having enough time to study for the quiz. but i did okay. :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

today marks the end of the 7th month with the annual dinner we always go to. i have no idea what business is it of us to be there. but we were. so that's mummy and i. :) aunt and i. mummy the lousy photographer who canot differentiate between her subjects and the background. hahah.
and because the 7th month has ended, this is my first moooooncake for the mid autumn festival. green tea and azuki bean snowskin mooncake. :) i think exco would love this. :) it's gonna be busy week. living with careless abandon is wildly liberating.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

how to make instant pasta look... i was really stressed this morning at 2.30am and this was what i had. :) i needed something hot, cheesy and absolutely erm. motivational. hahah. san remo's pasta. mmm-mmm. too many assignments too lil time. and then there's dive homework to be completed too. whatever did i get myself into this time. hahaha. and because i had to go pick up my dive homework, we had lunch at outram. the sense of familiarity was too close for comfort. we ate there when you had to leave for your dive trip. and this is why when the pedagogical principles underlying the teaching of children emphasize on schemas, i wonder if schemas always prove as useful as they ought to be. as if everything gets easier when they're organized as a collection of specific events or facts that are related to one another in a meaningful way.
i have not ordered char siew rice on my own at a hawker centre. like there are just certain food items i just don't ever order on my own. i'm a boring girl, i like my porridge, mee hoon kuey and hokkien mee and the occassional hor fun. my little brother and his kwey pie tee. :) what would i do without them. i don't go out on saturdays anymore. mummy says. i do. with family :)

Friday, September 07, 2007

just because my aunt was on leave, mummy took leave too. and asked daddy to apply for leave as well. so on a weekday when everyone takes leave? out of the country we must go! mm. the tower of dim sum we had on a wednesday morning. not me. i like looking at big baos. i even like to nibble at them. i just dont like to consume them all by myself. that's probably the issue with most foods. it's a bad thing. to want to share. 'cos what happens when you don't have someone to share with. so it was a day of shopping. and approval for exciting diving plans. hahaha. *hops. daddy loves me. so does mummy. and i'm thankful that every year for the past two years, i've been allowed to leave on a whim. sometimes. you just need to. and my parents understand that. they just try hard to make allowances to understand it :) i'm always scared when i leave alone. but it's the leaving part. it progressively gets better from then on. hopefully this time it will too! and after the brother got home from his visit to four farms with the school, i left for bible study at church. therapeutic. everytime. and i'm thankful. but i also feel bad. for putting my mentor out like that. :/ then i ran off for dinner. helllllo girlfriends! :) yongs and eve love the sushi place. it's really quiet. and the food's decent. decent to yummy. mmm. and we even had time for dessert. red bean ice tower? or some random name. it's basically red bean milkshake. and it's goood! zek remember this? it's at the hongkong cafe along the novena stretch. let's go back there to get it when you come home!
and all that made me a happy girl on wednesday :) more of this please.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

today i finally got down to sewing my new quiet time notebook :) if only hearts were so easily sewn into a whole. to dive or not to dive. that is the question. everyone's on leave tmrw! :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Technically no school this week because it's e-learning week. and the posters say keep off campus! but. i have a class on thurs. just because they can't seem to make up their mind about their silly initiatives. so hello to a truckload of assignments due the week after. i've completed one and there's too many more to go. so on sunday i cooked dinner. main service was ironically long this week. and i had to get myself to park mall to let my girlfriend try her wedding dress. then it was lunch/ tunch with the church people at cafe cartel. :) it's been a while since i had the viking and the rock. and it was good! it always is. when you're sharing with people :) andrew martha melvin. and then there's the rest of the long table with the other 9 people. hahah. i got home at 5.45. went to bed till 630pm and got up to cook. i am a sleepy chef. but i do not compromise on quality of my food! so it was fried beehoon and yong tau foo soup. the beehoon has stewed pork, luncheon meat, baby bok choy and 6 fried eggs to one and a half packets of beehoon. hahaha. and then there's yong tau foo with well, the usual stuffs. daddy liked dinner. :) and that's important. since he's the one who's not so well and ought to be watching his diet. even mummy had a second helping :) and the brothers? oh they had two to three helpings. hahaha. that made my sunday. :) how did your sunday go? :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

lunch made me a happy girl. i'm uniquely singaporean. i do -not- shy away from queues. erm. not this one anyway. porridge and raw fish worth every bit of the wait :) and the hum chim pangs. remember waiting forty five mins for these?

and then we trooped over to choose our photos from the studio shoot a while back. because my daddy has too happy a smile here, his eyes are too tiny. :) my cute happy papa yeo. i'm not a smart girl. but dragging myself through 4 years just to see them proud of me, if only for a moment. is more than enough for me. :)

and because i am who i am, i'm happy to present to you an unglam photo of me. just so happened that the chicken wing was on the wrong side of the cheek. like my face isn't fat enough to begin with, i positively look like a pau here! ahhaha. oh well. whatever it takes to taste juicy bbq chicken wings. :) and because the hokkien mee stall auntie loves me, she shows it with the amount of chilli she gives. hahaha. it's actually to be shared between two plates with my mummy. that's some good peanut chilli. it's yummy without being too overly spicy. and it complements the taste of the noodles. mmm. family saturdays.

and because i know God cares for me. he sent gabriel home for a while. just so that things would be easier to handle :) so say hello to the boy who's taken up the past two friday nights and mornings till 2 am. last week was just a 3 and half hours of dim sum and dessert for a year's worth of you and i. tonight was an hour and a half? we're nice. we share our company. haha. and it was good! hanging out with cellgroup. my first time at al-ameen. yes. first. haha. numero uno. just because i dont live in the up class west side la. but that will not be the last time i'm going back. chicken tikka masala was mmmmm-mmm! :) the butter naan was like THE worse naan ever. like well. dough. oily dough. oily uncooked dough. that looked cooked. and oily. made my point? enough about that. and i had a horlicks dinosaur. i -heart- horlicks! :) horlickosaur. what an appetizing namesake :) the sharing tonight by a lovely man JP was inspiring. innovative. revolutionary. simplicity and risk. try it. for all the what ifs you never know you're gonna hit on the nail. and having been conferred the status of immortality. protect those who haven't heard. and protect them for all you're worth. cos if you've got Jesus Christ behind you on this. the worst case scenario is that you're getting a short-cut ticket into heaven :) not the gospel of salvation. but the gospel of the kingdom. fridays always work out good in the end. very very well in fact :)