Saturday, September 15, 2007

say hello to the red lobster claw! it's been tooo long since the sun left its mark on me. a pool dive day from 9am till 4pm. we were in the water from 11 onward. FIVE WHOLE HOURS. i became a prune. a happy prune. it was fun! my group of 6 had 4 girls and 2 guys. who arent really guys. hahaha. and we had a veteran for our instructor. his code number is in the 5 digits. these days they go by 6 digits. he's almost 60 i think. but awfully nice. patient. and wanting us to have fun. the rest of the groups were underwater for like 3/4 of that period of time. we were below water for say 1/2 the time? the closest he got to telling us off was about putting masks on top of our head like a bandanna. and all he called us was miss hollywood and oweing him lunch. the other instructors told people to shut their mouths and asked not too kindly what the hell do you think you're doing. a stark disparity. one i'm too glad to be a part of :) so this means i already know all i'm supposed to know till next friday. and then i'm off! no cellphone signal. no blankets. two mad boys. and cute girlfriends. that should be fun :)

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