Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Technically no school this week because it's e-learning week. and the posters say keep off campus! but. i have a class on thurs. just because they can't seem to make up their mind about their silly initiatives. so hello to a truckload of assignments due the week after. i've completed one and there's too many more to go. so on sunday i cooked dinner. main service was ironically long this week. and i had to get myself to park mall to let my girlfriend try her wedding dress. then it was lunch/ tunch with the church people at cafe cartel. :) it's been a while since i had the viking and the rock. and it was good! it always is. when you're sharing with people :) andrew martha melvin. and then there's the rest of the long table with the other 9 people. hahah. i got home at 5.45. went to bed till 630pm and got up to cook. i am a sleepy chef. but i do not compromise on quality of my food! so it was fried beehoon and yong tau foo soup. the beehoon has stewed pork, luncheon meat, baby bok choy and 6 fried eggs to one and a half packets of beehoon. hahaha. and then there's yong tau foo with well, the usual stuffs. daddy liked dinner. :) and that's important. since he's the one who's not so well and ought to be watching his diet. even mummy had a second helping :) and the brothers? oh they had two to three helpings. hahaha. that made my sunday. :) how did your sunday go? :)

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