Saturday, September 15, 2007

primary school friends since? :) offers good suggestions. heh. curry fish head near our place. and yummy beef hor fun. and lovely homemade tofu. first day of the week i had time to breathe. although i was too tired to have a decent conversation with them. sorry girls. :/ tues wed was theory classes. i have NEVER and probably wont ever stay in school till 1130pm ever again. that place is a time warp. time passes and you dont even realise. at least that part's over for now. and thank God for getting me full marks on a 15% math test. that's not very exciting. the exciting part was this! --> :) my tutor's cute. he's a jolly old man. and he gives smiley faces. i like! i was worried about having to fill out my theory knowledge reviews and not having enough time to study for the quiz. but i did okay. :)

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