Friday, September 07, 2007

just because my aunt was on leave, mummy took leave too. and asked daddy to apply for leave as well. so on a weekday when everyone takes leave? out of the country we must go! mm. the tower of dim sum we had on a wednesday morning. not me. i like looking at big baos. i even like to nibble at them. i just dont like to consume them all by myself. that's probably the issue with most foods. it's a bad thing. to want to share. 'cos what happens when you don't have someone to share with. so it was a day of shopping. and approval for exciting diving plans. hahaha. *hops. daddy loves me. so does mummy. and i'm thankful that every year for the past two years, i've been allowed to leave on a whim. sometimes. you just need to. and my parents understand that. they just try hard to make allowances to understand it :) i'm always scared when i leave alone. but it's the leaving part. it progressively gets better from then on. hopefully this time it will too! and after the brother got home from his visit to four farms with the school, i left for bible study at church. therapeutic. everytime. and i'm thankful. but i also feel bad. for putting my mentor out like that. :/ then i ran off for dinner. helllllo girlfriends! :) yongs and eve love the sushi place. it's really quiet. and the food's decent. decent to yummy. mmm. and we even had time for dessert. red bean ice tower? or some random name. it's basically red bean milkshake. and it's goood! zek remember this? it's at the hongkong cafe along the novena stretch. let's go back there to get it when you come home!
and all that made me a happy girl on wednesday :) more of this please.

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