Saturday, September 01, 2007

lunch made me a happy girl. i'm uniquely singaporean. i do -not- shy away from queues. erm. not this one anyway. porridge and raw fish worth every bit of the wait :) and the hum chim pangs. remember waiting forty five mins for these?

and then we trooped over to choose our photos from the studio shoot a while back. because my daddy has too happy a smile here, his eyes are too tiny. :) my cute happy papa yeo. i'm not a smart girl. but dragging myself through 4 years just to see them proud of me, if only for a moment. is more than enough for me. :)

and because i am who i am, i'm happy to present to you an unglam photo of me. just so happened that the chicken wing was on the wrong side of the cheek. like my face isn't fat enough to begin with, i positively look like a pau here! ahhaha. oh well. whatever it takes to taste juicy bbq chicken wings. :) and because the hokkien mee stall auntie loves me, she shows it with the amount of chilli she gives. hahaha. it's actually to be shared between two plates with my mummy. that's some good peanut chilli. it's yummy without being too overly spicy. and it complements the taste of the noodles. mmm. family saturdays.

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