Saturday, September 08, 2007

how to make instant pasta look... i was really stressed this morning at 2.30am and this was what i had. :) i needed something hot, cheesy and absolutely erm. motivational. hahah. san remo's pasta. mmm-mmm. too many assignments too lil time. and then there's dive homework to be completed too. whatever did i get myself into this time. hahaha. and because i had to go pick up my dive homework, we had lunch at outram. the sense of familiarity was too close for comfort. we ate there when you had to leave for your dive trip. and this is why when the pedagogical principles underlying the teaching of children emphasize on schemas, i wonder if schemas always prove as useful as they ought to be. as if everything gets easier when they're organized as a collection of specific events or facts that are related to one another in a meaningful way.
i have not ordered char siew rice on my own at a hawker centre. like there are just certain food items i just don't ever order on my own. i'm a boring girl, i like my porridge, mee hoon kuey and hokkien mee and the occassional hor fun. my little brother and his kwey pie tee. :) what would i do without them. i don't go out on saturdays anymore. mummy says. i do. with family :)

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