Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the boys i insured myself against. hahaha. the boys i love for many reasons. definitely not for nagging at me about sandy feet though.

and the most important thing on the trip. for the both of us. :) my happy cute buddy. and the girls. the two young sweet naive ones and the relatively older ones. not that it's a bad thing. in general, they are the second most important people on the trip. :)and then there's the third. but really. not in any order of preference. since it's a group. we dive and we surface as a group. -most of the time- nothing life threatening happened. but seeing a problem with my equipment and not telling me till something really happened is just erm. bad. i cannot believe after having faulty equipment and subsequently causing me to miss a dive, someone'd actually happily say, yeah i saw tiny bubbles from her hose on the second dive already. roar. hahaha. well. there's always the good and the bad. you can't have it all at once.
and i'm just ending here. not cause i'm fuming. but cos it's 2am. :) and hello there is school tmrw. i still have my brain in check. i just need to tell my heart to listen to my head tell me to behave at school tmrw. hahaha. it's hard to leave when something tells you the time away didn't really work out the way i planned. there's things you just can't leave behind. and honestly. not that i want to :)

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