Thursday, September 20, 2007

these images are precious. about being truly genuine. i speak on part of my family. and 99.9% of the time you know they say what they mean, mean what they say. of course this would apply for both the good and the bad- positive and negative. i guess i wouldn't want to have it any other way. can you see mummy's eyes and mine? they look exactly the same when we scrunch our faces up. hahaha. :) so what made the family so happy? must be some semblance of food. happy tummies, happy people. so papa yeo went to batam for a day to check out some shipyard. and he texted me at class to ask what flavours of donuts we'd like! these jco donuts are a subsidiary of breadtalk and i have no slightest idea why they arent yet in singapore. but these are good stuff. chewy, light, and can you believe? not too sweet. :) just stay away from cream filled ones if you definitely dont appreciate the sweet. so i like most flavours, but my favourite yet- is tiramisu :) those are my bite marks. heh. hello deeelicious donuts.
so the sch week has passed in a blur and i'm already at the tail end of it. this morning was the first time i was late for classes this term. i think i'd get marks cut off for professional attitude. i was professional ok. i was early. my friend wasn't. the silly boy was still high from last night. but he was nice enough to bring me to sch. albeit a lil late. while he fell asleep in the car after and missed his classes this morning. hahaha. well. as long as i dont get letters from the fp office telling me about pay cuts. that would be ridiculous. like hello? the sch is in no man's land. even if i wanted to race to class, it'd take a while to actually get INTO campus from the main roads. i just wanted to make noise can you tell? hhaha. whee. diving this friday. 4 men room with just me and the two boys. i am NOT a man. they ought to have an optional loading on travel insurance for dubious roommates. hahaha. life's pretty awesome. but really. i'm still the same girl you knew. the same girl who loves you. :)

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