Monday, September 17, 2007

the wedding event of the year :) for now at least. we did what we could. and it was all good! the happy couple that makes me just wanna go aww. it's times like these when i wish i had a little romance in my life. :)
in as much as we made noise about being on the groom's side of the wedding, i think i speak for all of us when i say we had fun. and the thing about actually doing work-to put up the deco which wouldnt be possible without the amazing jas, having the best super-tired man ben, it made us all the more proud to be on rhys' guest list. efficient hard manual labourers transformed to smart looking boys and pretty princesses in literally a snap of the fingers. it would've been better if the girlfriends on ping's side were more forthcoming and rated higher on EQ scores but there was enough of us to do what we needed to do. and there's nothing like sitting around and hanging out. even zoning out. comfortable silences. the inexplicable type that you know you're cared for. even though i was tired. and i asked to be pinched to be reminded to smile (no one did that thank goodness). it was a good night out. it was a day well spent. and it's these kinds of things that you see and know for sure that there'd people looking out for you and doing everything they can possibly do for you. all you have to do is ask. or in this case. don't even ask. just agree and be stress-free :) whee! and in other pressing news: my 'healthy' tan looks positively hideous. hahaha.and nope i didn't rush home to finish my assignment. clar, andrew and i had supper at thomson prata house. hahaha. there was mee goreng, chicken masala, chicken murtabak and ice cream prata?! hahaha. and i'd do this again. anytime. :) erm. soon i mean. two weeks on a wed night aye!

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