Saturday, September 01, 2007

and because i know God cares for me. he sent gabriel home for a while. just so that things would be easier to handle :) so say hello to the boy who's taken up the past two friday nights and mornings till 2 am. last week was just a 3 and half hours of dim sum and dessert for a year's worth of you and i. tonight was an hour and a half? we're nice. we share our company. haha. and it was good! hanging out with cellgroup. my first time at al-ameen. yes. first. haha. numero uno. just because i dont live in the up class west side la. but that will not be the last time i'm going back. chicken tikka masala was mmmmm-mmm! :) the butter naan was like THE worse naan ever. like well. dough. oily dough. oily uncooked dough. that looked cooked. and oily. made my point? enough about that. and i had a horlicks dinosaur. i -heart- horlicks! :) horlickosaur. what an appetizing namesake :) the sharing tonight by a lovely man JP was inspiring. innovative. revolutionary. simplicity and risk. try it. for all the what ifs you never know you're gonna hit on the nail. and having been conferred the status of immortality. protect those who haven't heard. and protect them for all you're worth. cos if you've got Jesus Christ behind you on this. the worst case scenario is that you're getting a short-cut ticket into heaven :) not the gospel of salvation. but the gospel of the kingdom. fridays always work out good in the end. very very well in fact :)

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