Thursday, August 30, 2007

today i had no school. but today, i still went to school. which is a feat, well, more than. considering that school is nearer to the neighbouring country than to my home. and i digress. so i was saying, i went to school today. and... i baked! :) i baked one cake and refrigerated the other. so that's not just one, but two cakes that i made today! it's not home economics. it's food and consumer science. whatever the name is. that is the place that i wanted to be! i think? well. grass always looks greener on the other side. hello chocolate mud cake and chilled oreo cheesecake. they aren't the prettiest sounding/looking cakes around but they both reminded me of you. :)

... after 3 hours of messing about in the lab (yes, it is a lab. didn't you notice those hairnets!) :)

and just because i havent had dinner at home properly for a while - stir fried chinese cabbage and baby shrimps, braised lean pork, pankofried chicken drumlets, steamed fish and tofu :) yummm.

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