Saturday, August 18, 2007

TGIF :) it was a mad downpour this morning but thank goodness i got to school virtually untouched by rain. the assignments have been coming at me hard and fast. the classmates are behaving too scarily for words. *shivers. thank goodness for lunch break to digest the latest additions to the assigments pile. the healthy ytf from the stone age uncle- only a mad friend like mine would come up with such meaningfully apt nicknames. hahahah. the wrong kind of influence. we have a zi char stall at sch. mary tried salted fish fried rice. sufficiently decent. one more edible stall at sch. check! :)

and after another two hours of horrendous power pack english tutorial. i was a freeee girl! :) mmm. a few hours more before cell group started for the both of us. guess where dinner was? sakae. hahaha. zek i really feel like you now. spending every cent at sakae. hahahha. but i'm happy. for the company and the ambience. that's worth every single cent. :) notice i didnt say food. there are tonnes of better jap places around. but not every place is a 'lazy' place. i have a 'lazy' list now. for people who want to be lazy for a while. onn ray's next stop is kuriya's happy hour. and brendon's promising sashimi in the next two weeeeks. arigato gozaimasu. hai! ahahha. here's sharing some of my favourite foods at sakae. just some of them :)

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