Wednesday, August 01, 2007

'd put up my timetable but it's so sad i think i should refrain from doing it. well. maybe i'll reconsider. my lovely twin made me a color coded, nicer to look at version of that horrendous thing they call a timetable. too bad the colors don't make any difference to the timings. never in my life. have i spent 830am till 730pm on school compounds. and actually attending everything within that period of time save for a 1.5 hour break. is that crazy or is that crazy. no there is no OR option. and they don't fail to remind you that all this is because, "you signed on the dotted line", "you're being paid", "did you get your salary last month?". so? i signed on the dotted line too long ago to remember, i did get paid, i also got my salary last month. which was peanuts. since i really was underpaid. reason being? i didn't submit my degree scroll and transcript. erm okay. don't -they- have my entire biodata on their systems? sigh. would you like to be in the nuturing profession? nuturing patience. or a simply resignation to fate. as i have been told that i had signed. hahaha.

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