Saturday, August 18, 2007

what i love. yesterday was fun filled. the plan was to go home and stay home after cell. since i wasn't meeting any of the boys for supper i thought i'd spend friday night at home. but noooo, half way through cell i got a phone call asking if i'd like to meet my aunts at mustafa. it couldn't have been anything but blessed. but of course that'd be my preferred friday night itinerary. :) so mustafa for mad crazy shopping it was :) my aunt leaves for jakarta monday early morning and my other aunt has been caught up in the travel frenzy that i hardly see her home anymore :( so mad shopping aside (we took turns in giving away a substantial portion of our income to the chocolate section of mustafa ahah) we just HAD to drop in at swee choon. we're talking about the family next door to my grandma in days of yore. when they still lived at 129 desker road. no we do not get free dim sum and no they do not charge us less. we have no qualms about paying. we frequent that place a lil too much for the standard of food that's being served. but don't ask me for a favour and ask my aunts to try desserts that you make and expect us to pay for that dessert. even professionally, it's unethical. ugh. sorry. i'm asian deep down inside. people relations are something i hold pride in. aside from the fact that trusting people is sadly bordering on the impossible nowadays. so at least my carrot cake was nice and fluffy. the ones i ordered for take away leave much to be desired- blackened and half the original size) the rest? mediocre. hahahah.
going back there for dim sum is just one of the idiosyncratic things we can't explain for. sometimes you just long for things to be just as they used to and then you realise that the places might still be around but the people have changed too much to ever be the same again. it's one of the things that i put too much thought into- bringing people to places that i love. anyhow, it was friday night and i got home past the hour of twelve. but being no princess, nothing bad happened. i got home and had to start clearing out and restocking the cupboards. yay daddy's home from bangkok! :) hellllllo PRETZ.

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