Saturday, August 18, 2007

it's at times like these i don't mind being academically challenged. as long as i put good food on the table and i know their tummies are all taken care of when there are happy smiles on their faces :) mummy says she's lucky to have a daughter who cooks. it's something i'll always smile at with humility. i'm just glad the food is palatable. :) how to tell a fish is cooked? when it's eyes turn white and of course when the meat comes off easily. it was a huge golden promfret. the longest i've ever taken to steam a fish. and it's been a while since i had steamed fish. fried eggs (six eggs. boys. haha) with preserved radish, au naturel chicken soup (boiled with scallops, dried abalone edges, wolfberries and black mushrooms), crunchy stir fried dou miao with an assortment of fishballs/fishcakes. and that's dinner for five on a saturday night. from my home to yours, wherever you may be :)

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