Saturday, August 25, 2007

so that's my lovely harrods bag that i went shopping for. latest arrival, idyllic cottage picnic landscape that i sorely long for. failing which, i will just take sushi as a happy substitute. this is sushi date #3 in two days. and sushi date #5 in 12 days. an average consumption of sushi almost every -other- day. i want to move to japan. so anyway, that's my lovely girlfriend, without whom i would fail all my evening modules at nus. she offers me her bed and her snacks. i heart her very much :) over 14 plates of sushi and two sides, we had our happy mad conversations as always. :) the world is small. her mad girlfriend is my mad girlfriend at nie now! lol. there are just some people that you can just click with. well. some people even if you feel like you know them inside out, can become totally different people if they choose to. :/ gabriel came with me for cell tonight. and i liked having him back. cell's still the same people, same problems. over a supper of dim sum and mango dessert, we caught up on the past year that we missed out on in each other's lives. i'm no longer his aunt agony, he's growing up and he's learning lots on his own. but there are still some things, he's still insecure about. think long term and i'm pretty sure he can see things in a crystal clear way. but there are things, you'd rather just have them for the moment if not for eternity. i advise better than i take my own advice. but i'm learning aye. and my prayer is for healing for you tonight. :) bless,

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