Thursday, August 02, 2007

To: Dear Miss Yeo!!!

Hi, Miss Yeo!!! I will giv u the address 1st!!! It`s : BLK _ between Tao Payoh Lor 1 and Lor _,Bradell Road In front the YELLOW PAGE....AND...Class Happen...When u go...ME_,_ and _...Cry le...We wish u will come back and teach us again...Haix..._,_,_ and _ still the same _ want to HIT _ But _ very good...He control his temoer and dun HIT _then they did`t fight...but_ throw all the book at the back one at the floor loh...Haix..Miss Yeo!!!! Come Back Lah!!! Can? Wish u reply soon!!! From: UR STUDENT _...AND _And _

aww. my lovely students. sigh. i do miss them. and i'm glad that i can do something other than missing them. whenever i miss someone, i'll just say it out softly and then say a prayer to ask that they be taken care of :)

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