Saturday, August 25, 2007

so on monday i was a diseased girl. urticaria. the worst ever. it was really scary. but having settled that, i was back at fish and co. on thurs night. so let's start over. the problem about having just one free day in a week- which will cease to exist from next week onwards, is that everything has to be done on that free day. so this thursday's agenda was: haircut, lunch with gf, bible study, dental, shopping and dinner. and in between there was supposed to be time to breathe. but btw the haircut and dental, there were no times when i wasn't rushing to the next item on the agenda. :/ i left the house at 930 for my haircut at 10am. but because i was dreaming, i missed the bus and had to wait for the next one which took forever but there were no cabs in sight for the longest time. so my haircut lasted from 1030 till 1pm. i really have the most perfect hairstyle in the world. we're speaking proportion and length symmetry. the style itself is like crap. oops. hahaha. well. he spent lots of time on me. i shouldnt be mean. lunch was supposed to be at 1230 so i cabbed down and got there an hour late. my poor girlfriend. and we had an hour's lunch before i had to run off to taka for my bible study which i was late for by 15 minutes. we finished at 1555, 5 minutes to get to mount eliz for my dental. my dental was till 1710 and cost me a grand total of? 200. to get what done? just cleaning and taking an opg of my mouth. for a wisdom tooth i have no want to extract till later. MUCH later. rarrr. so my friend was supposed to meet me at 1700 but he only arrived at 1815. so meanwhile, i went shopping for a harrods tote bag :) tonnes of things i want to buy from town! but after my dental bill? i should be eating grass for the next month :p so the boys finally got together and we sat down for dinner at... 8pm. at my lovely fish and co. these boys are my project group mates for a marketing class we took together in nus. there are some friends i've made in four years. just. some :) and because we wanted to just laze around and talk, we went over to sakae to have my kakiage. sakae part #2 for just one day itself. i was fed. stuffed. full and happy. i stayed out for 13 hours and got home at 11am. amazing. i loved my day out. aside for the jawdropping dental bill and random waiting for boys, the company was faaaantastic. thanks for stuffing me till i'm full sunshine! boys who bring me out and treat me like an 11 year old princess. ;)

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