Monday, August 20, 2012

All in a Day's Eat when in Kuala Lumpur

Oh what a tough call.
I mean,
there was a one for one on sour cream fries.
And of course I needed a bowl of chilli.
Super size me.
And thankfully shared and spared. for now. :)

Handmade taro fresh milk tea.
At only RM 6.90 (SGD 2.80)
was a steal.
But you totally get what you pay for.
With 9 people in the shop,
only one was at work making the drinks.
Hence we waited forever.
And with forever came a drink that was indescribable.
three quarts of crushed ice that buried my yam bits to death.
and fresh milk with a lot of syrup. even on a 50% request.
thanks but really?

So let's go back to the one who'd never fail.
Marking is serious business.
Definitely requires a green tea latte.
In a takeaway cup for my leisurely sips. :)

Work ended as it should according to work hours.

watami at the pavilion.
who decides first gets to order first.
pork katsu.

with an extra large rice set please.

gyuniku nabemono.
awesomely generous with the beef slices.

with an udon set please.

oh my bubble broth of comfort. :)
it was an entirely satisfying dinner at a fraction of what it would have cost here in Singapore.

After a night out in town at Jalan Perak,
it was a cab ride home with a noisy drunk and an all drunken out drunk and they both insist they weren't yet drunk.
If you were confused, we all came home anyway.
Making sure they were fine (i.e. one collapsed and fast asleep on the bed, the other with water and towels to keep warm), we walked across for some late night comfort food.

what interests you?
I never know what to pick.
But I love the beancurd skin
and salted egg yolk.
and please, if there is, curry vegetable gravy.
I don't know if you ask for it?
But I've cultivated the habit of asking for a bowl of porridge water.
It's supposedly a remedy for fevers. 
Cooling for the body, so says the Chinese.

So there we have all in a day's eat.
Our last full day in KL.
Full indeed. :) 


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