Wednesday, August 15, 2012

foot massage and dinner at Jalan Alor #malaysia

nothing like a foot massage.
wash your own feet.

i felt a LOT of pain.
oh my poor ailing self.
ah well.
it was a good rubdown.
before we headed across the street for
dinner at jalan alor.
how could we give this a miss?

soy sauce soup anyone?

stir fried lou shu fun.

penang char kway teow.
or at least that's what they call it.
if anything else,
it was just a superbly oily and satisfying roadside style hawker food.

and boy, was this good.
an awesome live band at a random pub in bb park.
the man on the left owns the japanese restaurant down the row of pubs.
and does an awesome rendition of hotel california.
the girl's got a set of powerful vocals.
and the man with the guitar is no less praiseworthy on a jason mraz cover.
no wait,
that's nothing compared to his one night in beijing.
totally blew us away.

no phones. no marking of compos.
taking time off tonight to savour life and all that's worth.

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