Saturday, August 18, 2012

Nuffnang's akan datang FREE 3D2N Genting trip! :)

The surreal feeling of being in Genting is indescribable.

Being just one causeway away from home and there you find yourself atop the mountains, in the midst of hotels, casinos and theme parks.

Stepping out of the hotel lobby, you find yourself enveloped by clouds and that leaves you no wonder on why Genting's to be named as the summit of clouds in Mandarin.

I loved bouncing down to the hotel lobby to check out the digital thermometers and stepping out into the cold to see how long I could last before I had to run back to the warmth of my daddy's arms. And of course, I'd be talking about memories of the past.

Now that I'm all grown, I've had a lot of trouble finding friends to go up for a short trip to Genting. The last time I was there was a whole three years ago...

If I were to get to go on Part Deux of Nuffnang's RWG adventure,

I would grab myself a turkey ham quiche from the cafe at Maxim's Genting for a light lunch break. My parents don't even need me to ask for them to bring my takeout from the cafe anymore. They always come home with two turkey ham and two mushroom quiches. Now that's all for lunch because I definitely plan on trying out dinner at Genting Palace.

Genting Palace Dinner

Ohmyyum. I cannot wait to indulge myself in Jiang Nan style chinese cuisine. Or actually, I'd just really be happy with a serving of double-boiled chicken soup with ginseng. That's just to charge myself up for a Hacken Lee concert at night!

It seems he's gracing the Arena of Stars 24th and 25th August. I have never been into the Arena of Stars before and it has been a long while since I've caught a Cantopop concert. ihopeiwishihopeiwish!

And the next morning, I'd wake up early to head back to Genting Palace to try the custard buns for myself as recommended. Dim Sum for breakfast on a Sunday? Adding this to my to-do list! :)

I'd love to find myself surrounded by the scent of lavender and fresh pickings of strawberries after breakfast!

Lavender garden

Wow! My parents still regularly make their trip up to Genting for the long weekends throughout the year for their piece of quiet away from us but even they haven't seen the strawberry and lavender farms. And just because it's hard work picking strawberries (yeah, right!) 

I'll definitely be hungry for lunch.

What about a Hakka style lunch at Good Friends restaurant at Level 2 of Highlands Hotel? I would love to try the Hakka yam abacus and Home style Braised Streaky Pork with Preserved Vegetables. Mei Cai Kou Rou come to me! :)

Now for some mountain air to ease my senses and to walk some of that food off. Off to the outdoor theme park for an exciting ride on the Corkscrew. A leisurely race at the Grand Prix Fun Kart and after all that heart pumping adrenaline rush, I'll let my nose lead me to the quaint Beryl's chocolate wonderland in a corner of the outdoor theme park. It seems I'd learn about the chocolate making process and there's even a shop for me to grab some locally made Beryl's chocolates. 

And before you know it, it's time for dinner again. I cannot leave Genting without a buffet dinner at the Coffee Terrace in Maxims Genting. I could name you everything I love but that one thing that I absolutely adore would be the thick cut salmon slices. :) And just to make it a balanced meal, freshly stir fried vegetables- your pick from the vegetable selection and fried on the spot. And of course, let's not waste our time at dinner, there's the fried kway teow that has a distinct wok hei many other places cannot recreate. How about their ice kachangs. Choose your toppings or if you have no preference, just take it with the works. I will put on a billion kilos but it's all worth it. *pats my tummy.

And what about an after dinner movie at First World Cineplex in Times Square, First World Plaza. I haven't even had time to catch Total Recall but hey, it seems they'd still be screening Bourne Legacy! Awesomepossums.

And let's finish off the awesome trip with breakfast before we leave-at the Resort hotel. An international feast at Resort Cafe or local food at the Kampong Cafe. And a signature teh tarik...

One for the road.

I've got it all planned out to a T :)

Hmm. A free 3D2N trip to Genting and I don't even need to ask for company. There'd be 16 bloggers in total on the trip. Fun! :)

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