Monday, August 06, 2012

swee choon @ jalan besar

Where would you go for supper at 3am after drinks at winecompany. 
Since dinner consisted of notsosatisfying tapas?

new items on the menu!

just too cute!

This was a glutinous rice ball (think of those sesame balls with a peanut filling) filled with warm flowing custard.

I could be biased because I like taro.
But that aside, it was a light crispy exterior of batter that gave way to a delightful yam puff with small cubes of taro evident in between bites.
And the minced meat mixture was just the best savoury treat encased within.

and this. is.
a perennial favourite.
for this i would eat waxed meat.
and a whole load of mayo.
this is my idea of comfort food.
and a definite diet spoiler.

molten. flowy.
this was much more than I expected.

how -not- to eat a salted egg yolk custard bun

 positive demonstration.
how to eat a salted egg yolk custard bun.

they would murder me if they knew.

but they went home with happy tummies.
eat well boys!

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