Friday, August 17, 2012

sunday tunch @ clementi food centre & market

chicken cutlet from tanglin halt western food stall.
needs no further introduction.
it's been reviewed to death.

and perhaps it's just me but the sauce...
was not ideal at all.
i don't know if it was supposed to be bbq sauce
but it was sickly sweet.
and drizzled over my cutlet just makes for a soggy mess.
i did hear the customer behind me request for black pepper sauce instead though.

and this was just a couple of stalls down.
I don't think it's the famed one that everyone talks about.
but I didn't take note of the unit number.
It sells carrot cake only in the p.m. though.
this was good.
full on egg.
preserved radish and
the chilli was just what I was looking for.
not excessively spicy just that bit of hot.
soft carrot cake. I'm not sure if it had radish though.
I doubt it.
craving was entirely satisfied. :)

and he grabbed a couple of smoothies for just a dollar each.
banana mango and banana apple.
both were yummydelish!

and because we packed chwee kueh home,
i suppose only rojak would go well with the nibble snack.
you can opt for the ingredients you want
and just state the price you'd like.
anything without vegetables for the kid please.
this elderly man works like clockwork.
he has a certain rhythm to his body and movements.
it was like a routine he had practiced his entire life.

Sundays at the market.
More of this please? :)

 Block 448 Clementi Avenue 3

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