Sunday, August 05, 2012

random coffeeshop @ queen street

Dinner after classes at functional training institute.

Food for thought?
Didn't feel like it.

So we walked a little farther down to a coffeeshop that only had one stall.
But that one stall had everything.
Roast meat rice, boiled soups, mixed vegetables rice and cze char.

I didn't harbour high hopes for just one stall that had such a mind boggling variety of food choices.
And boy was I right.

Flat rice noodles were stir fried in soy sauce for its black colour.
The gravy was thick and heavily laden with salt and seasoning.
The beef slices were tender though but there were only a few measly slices of it.

Check out that gloop they call gravy.
They totally ruined the dish.
And the fish wasn't fresh anyway.

this was the best dish of the night.
clear soup.
chewy squid rings.
and some other random seafood items.

and no it wasn't stellar.
just simple.

nursing a heartache.

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