Thursday, August 30, 2012

We're coming round the mountain!

Too early.
But here we are on board Five Stars Tour Bus departing from Golden Mile Complex and headed for Genting Highlands.
Pleasantly surprised by the abundance of legroom and perfectly reclinable seats.
I'm a happy camper and it's been a long while since.

Six hours and not a moment too soon.
We're round the mountain and right at the top at that.
Our complimentary rooms were at First World Hotel.
And boy, was I momentarily taken aback by the massive queues.

What a nice surprise though,
to see a welcome message to Singaporean Bloggers flashed on their LCD tv screens which directed us to a dedicated service counter.

And of course, it was time for lunch.

Good Friends at Maxims Genting specializing in Hakka Cuisine. 

I didn't need to make a choice.
Only the apple chicken soup was available.
The apple was boiled to mush.
But it didn't boil in vain.
A mouth of the soup left a lingering fruity sweet aftertaste in my mouth.

And this was sugarcane chockfullofingredients.
We're talking chestnut, orange peel, red date, sugarcane.
I could down two of these cups easily.
But let's savour it shall we?

Home styled beancurd.
It was a little heavy on the salt and it had a briny seawater aftertaste.
I thought it might've just been the use of prawns in the mixture
but the chef says he thinks it's the water.

Our order of carbs.
This came on a massive plate.
For a single portion this was scary.
And no it wasn't nice.
The flat rice noodles were stir fried in soy sauce for color.
And everything else was just fried in a cornstarch gravy.
This was beyond bland.
Not even soy sauce could save this.

Hakka Twin Pork Belly.

These fried slices were terribly addictive.

And these stewed ones were no less.
I'm duly impressed and way too full by now.

Red bean and pandan mochi.
These cool parcels were a welcome dessert after our savoury meal.

I was less impressed with this.
Although this was my choice. Oops.

And with this kind of weather outdoors?
I think it's time for a mandatory nap.
We aren't pigs.
We took a hike outdoors back to our hotel.
Before that nap. :)

More to come!


AprielleCharlotteMarie. said...

brenda!! its me, april from genting? haha. cant belive i managed to find your blog. awesome!! do you have facebook or twitter?

AprielleCharlotteMarie. said...

add me okay? would love to keep in touch :)

min~* said...

hey you :) i know right. how did you manage? yeps. it's yeosmint on twitter. bsmint on instagram! i'll add you on fb in a bit.