Tuesday, August 14, 2012

starting our long weekend with breakfast in petaling street #malaysia

massively big chwee kueh.
with preserved radish mixed with crunchy shallots.

yam cake to go.
comes with savoury shallots and spring onion.

chee cheong fun since 1943.
slippery rice noodles that went really well with the chilli/ sweet sauce.
there are also offerings of comforting porridge with sides of deep fried doughsticks.
but who needs -dough- sticks when you have...

fried food nation.
everything you could want.
this stall sold fried yong tau foo items just diagonally opposite.

and after all that,
I really needed a cold drink.
soy bean of course.
drink it up on the spot :)

or dessert?
soya beancurd and you even get to opt for gula melaka.

oh Malaysia.
i'm glad the mad driving got us in at 7am on a Friday morning. :)

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