Tuesday, August 21, 2012

bedok central interchange

I was wondering what kind of name Jin Mu was.
I obviously have an issue with my eyesight.
It's glaringly obvious that the signboard reads
Should've known an ang mo name wouldn't do justice to my cheenah char kway teow.

Dismal right?
I know.
And my blood cockles had sand in them.
Oh Jimmy.

Then along came Qing Tian.
Oh it totally brought along clear skies to my dismal dinner attempt.
Dramatic I know.

Now you see what I mean?
Just randomly, the Samsung SIII makes me perfectly confident without a compact camera.
It takes awesome pictures on the auto setting.
And back to the popiah that saved the day.
Long queues at this popiah stall that shares a stall space with Qing Tian Niang Dou Fu #01-58.
It was full on ingredients and full on flavour.
A mouthful of yum!

And just because Dad said that no trip to Bedok is complete without Bedok Chwee Kueh 勿洛水粿.
He's my best friend.
For best friends know exactly what you love to eat.

And just because the parents just came back from Genting Highlands,
I get takeaway from the Bakery at Genting Hotel.
American Cheesecake at a costly RM14.
The brownie cake base was moist and cheesecake a good balance of savoury sweet with a lemon tang.
Thanks for the love.
But hmm. I'd still rather my cheesecake from the CBTL outlets anywhere on my humble island. :)

Didn't feel like a Monday.
Long weekends are meant to be savoured.
Literally. :)

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