Saturday, September 01, 2012

I love Sundays

Tak Po at Smith Street.

And these are a few of my favourite things.
The flaky pastries were buttery meltinyourmouth.
I could gobble them up on my own if i were hungry enough.
The savoury meat puff had a glutinous rice flour skin that was QQ and very chewy to the bite.
Deep fried mochi with minced meat.

Pork ribs were good.
Satisfactory amount of meat and tendons/ soft bone if you're a fan.
Cheong fun was lacking in filling but otherwise it was slippery smooth just the way i like it.

This bowl of sampan rice porridge was so finely ground it was just gruel paste.
And i had to eat most of it myself since there were just too many strands of shredded cabbage camouflaged within.

And just because it's been a long while for a proper date.
We decided to venture out to the Kranji Trail.
Too late for Hay Dairies which closed at 430pm,
and no I wasn't interested in Frog Farm.
I decided on Bollywood Veggies.

Custard Apple.

Life's mantra?

Spikes on a cotton plant.
Don't think that its all just fluff.

And they really were.
In a whole long stream so step with caution!

Star of Bethlehem.

Now if it were just one plant.
Then that'd make rojak a really boring snack. :p

I've got your back.

Red sugarcane.

Hawt stuff.
In pint sized offerings.

Just because we didn't make it in time for the goats at Hay Dairies. :D

I want a basil and a mint in my kitchen next time.

And maybe some peppermint for a zing too!

Flowers from the unassuming banana plant.

Cat's whiskers.

I'd love a toilet like this.

All for sale. :)

Only the female flowers and bears fruit.

oh nemos!


i'm so stuck on you.

fire red shrimps

nemo? shrimp style.

stingrays for blankets?

hungriest people on earth after our adventure.
the market opposite yio chu kang cc.
love the wanton noodles and fish fillet.
satay was decent too.
but skip the wings and economical beehoon.

and there's just so much more to see.
take a walk on the wild side.
best kind of respite on a Sunday day out. :)

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