Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Whatever happened to Founder?

Supper nights.

In my ideal world,
I thought this would be the perfect late night comfort food.
I mean, even Chow Yun Fatt loves it.
Or so the papers say.

Go for the long ribs.
Go ahead.
Indulge yourself a little.

But I'm hardly a fan of pork ribs.
I just wanted soup!

Beancurd sheets :)

Beancurd Puffs

So all these side dishes were good.
Then what was my issue with Founder?

The soup! Oh my. :(
The soup eeez too salty!
Imagine the salt overpowering pepper.
I couldn't even bring myself to ask for a refill.
And why there was a queue for this,
I could not comprehend.

But it'll be a long while before a repeat visit.
If ever.

We needed failproof desserts.

Nutella and Pistachio Waffle.
If you like a heavy vanilla base for your ice creams,
this is where you'll find it.

Keep running.
Just so I can keep eating. :)

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