Wednesday, September 12, 2012

cheap and cheerful :)

Last night on Lembongan.
after our shot at that rickety old yellow bridge and exploration of Nusa Ceningan,
I wanted some good local food to complete my Bali experience.
It was also due to the fact that we were all ravenous after our awesome manta mola dives that we made our pitstop here instead of returning to our villa. 

We should've done that party at Jibaku.
Look how well it's publicized! :)

Ayam Goreng Bali style.
Generous gravy and veggies to boot.

Mie kuah.
We were so hungry that instant noodles tasted like heaven.
At night, the temperature drops a fair bit probably due to its proximity from the sea.
And this bowl of warm comfort was more than welcome.

Foo yong hai.
This was a curious egg battered pancake.
Filled with cabbage and minced pork.
Drizzled with a sweet chilli sauce.
But I'd rather my egg foo yong anyday.

Same same but different.
Same curious batter but this time with pork.
Sweet and sour pork was a misnomer.

No beef.
This was pork.
In the same sauce as the ayam goreng.
This was brilliant with rice.
A little too salty but heck.
Diving is some serious exercise.

Make an order for their otah made with fresh catch from the sea a day in advance.
And while you're at it,
grab a cup of ginger tea.
Homemade comfort in a cup. :)

Welcome to Warung 99.
Our version of the cheap and cheerful :)

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