Saturday, September 08, 2012

nusa lembongan

while waiting for the tides.
some bintang on the rocks?

and these mooncakes.
i salute you.
for making it for the flight,
a ferry ride,
and a car ride.
that's some serious mileage.
to bring smiles to familiar and new faces.

crystal clear?
I was excited already.
but no diving today hey.
just sticking my feet ankle deep into water and trudging up the rocky steps.

mooncake couldn't be dinner.
so hello pondok baruna.

pondok baruna everywhere. :)

ayam goreng kicap.
i wish it didn't have bones.
but it was savoury more than sweet.
and it was a tummy filler. 

indomie anyone?
tasted like a lot of bumbu.
and seafood was just prawns.
could we make that an ayam mie goreng with a telur ontop? :(
meals here on a one-off.

my teacher's day present.
for me to comb its tresses through when i'm stressed.

pondok baruna frangipani.
their newest edition of villas.

with a massive bathroom.
perfect for hanging dive gear.
or mass bathing.
we couldn't figure out why anyone would need such a huge bathing space.

too inviting.

and i did do some laps to complete my bali experience. :)

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