Saturday, September 15, 2012

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summer's special.

For the carnivore in you.

Bian rou reminds me of dinner in Hualien, Taiwan.

Appetizer of black fungus and orange rind.
Munch munch.

Heng hwa fried beehoon.
Chock full of ingredients.

This wasn't my idea of five spiced prawn rolls.
There was nary a taste of five spice.
I'm not sure if there was prawn in there somewhere.
But it had a huge chunk of crunchy chestnut that was very refreshing amidst all that meat.
The batter was crisp and best eaten hot dipped in sweet sauce or their addictive spicy sour garlic chilli mix. 

We had the bian rou soup too.
It was wanton broth.
Probablyboiled with dried anchovies.
Small little of minced pork parcels were quite the treat to
Oops and I just drank one down unknowingly. :)

Notice anything amiss?
The lala clams were not there!
Not a single one.
And guess what they did after I told them?
I got a small saucer of 5 small cooked clams.
In any case,
this honestly pales in comparison to Old House @ 25 Neil Road.
It seems now my only reason for coming back to Pu Tien is gone.

And we finally made it for the salted caramel venti frappucino run. :)
See the whipped cream?
Drizzled with salted caramel and sugar crystals.
Love comes in the form of caramel, sugar, salt, milk and whipped cream FAT!

Roasted three layer pork and roast chicken.
$3 option.
Smelt good.
Eat up before the long ride.
Dive safe hey.

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