Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cheers to a sweet 17th N.Y.D.C

Has it already been 17 years?

Thanks to the kind peeps of NYDC and Nuffnang,
this was an invite to NYDC's Happy Sweet 17th Birthday Party at their outlet in Bugis Junction.
And tonight,
it seems that the legal drinking age has been lowered to 17 hey!

Waldorf Salad with a Hic.
Grapes soaked in whisky.
Throughly infused, yet maintaining a fresh crunch.
How do they do it?

GM of NYDC giving her speech before the party moves on into full swing!

Vanilla milkshake with a shot of Baileys topped with chocolate sauce.
And you can even choose your level of poison up to a max of three Bailey shots.
I'm not sure if there's a price difference on that though.
But if there's good fat,
this is some darn good fat!

They had a Lemon Shiver on the menu for the longest time.
And joining the ranks now,
meet Raspberry Tremble. :)

This berry blast seemed more of a hit.
Berry blend.
All the verry good fibres and antioxidants.
Healthier choice and not a little less flavour.

And because we care,
we share...
Some nachos and dips.
Chilli with too much spice, blue cheese mayo and cheesy artichoke.
Guess which was the crowd pleaser?

Star crossed lovers they no longer aren't.
Romeo & Juliet making a comeback with herbed rice.
This was good.
Till the bottom where there was just too much oil.
It got a little overwhelming just looking at the amount of glistening sheen on the base of the plate.


All your favourites into a biscuit thin pizza.
Yet another comeback and better than before.
A garlic mayo base,
topped with tender meatballs, juicy ham, mushrooms.
And this time,
it's CHEESE that takes the cake.

Tequila flamed Drunken Masta.
It left too much of a bitter aftertaste for me.
I'd rather have seafood on the rocks.
A generous slice of fish, large prawn, clams and shell pasta.
This might've been better with a linguine option.
And feel free to make your request on your choice of pasta.
Drink it like you mean it.

Yankee's in town.
Hold the barbeque sauce asked for it to be served on the side.
And this was good.
Very good.
Bacon wrapped bratwurst and grilled chicken.
Served with a side salad and fluffy crisp wedges.

While we take a break from all the fun and games,
we hear from the winners of the birthday message contest-
A year's supply of mudpie for each of the three winning entries.
So Pick-Us-So (Piccaso) that we can enjoy!
I'm impressed :)
Now that's having your cake and eating it too.
For a whole year at that!

And nothing could've prepared our table for this.
Between the 5 of us.
Dessert for you?

An Englishman in New York.
Earl Grey meets cake.
I loved this.
And coming in a close second was
Mango mayhem.
Mousse with fresh mangoes.
And those are the two of my favourite things. :)

Muddy mudpie.
Waits for no man.
Eat it before it suffers a meltdown.

And they raised a few shrieks coming in for the ones that were 17.
Oh now I felt old.
Really old.

This was forgettable.
The crust did not go well for this pie.
To be honest?
I'd still with Goldmine.
Oldie but goodie.

Now that we had some happy tummies.
It's photo moments.
With the stars.

Miss Tamchiak and Mag of Modgam.
We had a ball being the 'older ones'
And in full denial of it. ;)

Catherine of Camemberu.
It's like meeting a star and being starstruck.
Hi we finally meet and I didn't even say much.

And of course she was the star blogger seated with us!
To more events with you :)

Superbly sweet 17.
This was an awesome event.
Tuesday night yo!
Thanks for having us over at your birthday NYDC.
To many more years of love and sweet treats ahead. :)

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