Sunday, September 09, 2012

what's there to do ontop of the mountain?

Because we had an early start and a late night. 
Dim sum on a lazy sunday late morning couldn't have been more perfect.
Here at Genting Palace,
dim sum is only served on Sundays till 2.30pm.

With the way prices go in Singapore,
these specials were considerably pocket friendly. :)

This was flowy,
and every bit the savoury sweet I was looking for.

But then there's also the egg tart with a flaky tart shell that I really liked.
But so did you.
And thanks for taking two egg tarts while I got two custard buns.
Fair's fair?

These cubes of radish cake were crisp on the outside but soft on the inside.
And they were crunchy too possibly because of the preserved radish bits.
Even the beansprouts couldn't stop you the strict non-vegan from savouring this. :)
*Tip: Skip the XO sauce and make an order of their sambal chilli.
It's an extra charge but it's well worth it.
Its the ultimate compliment to dish and many others.
Comes in a big saucer and is a chock full of dried shrimp flavour.

Chicken cheese tart.
The taste of the cheese didn't come through with the bland chicken fillet encased within these fried beancurd skin wraps.

dumplings in chilli oil were satisfying parcels of minced prawn and pork/chicken I cannot remember right now.

scallop chee cheong fun.
the scallop was too thinly cut it broke apart too often.
the chee cheong fun was silky smooth and very tasty with the soy sauce gravy.
Mmmm :)

This was a pretty dish.
Mango duck roll special.
We didn't think mango went very well with duck.
Perhaps sweet navel orange slices?
The mango eaten on its own was sweet.
And the duck meat while flavoursome, was too dry.

And the last of our hearty brunch.
The colour looked good,
the glutinous rice was cooked well just the way I liked it.
Except this was more a taste of soy sauce than the tasty juices from the mushroom and meat filling.
But remember that sambal sauce?
It made everything better :)

And it's out to the theme park for the rest of the day! :)

Exhilaration never looked more colorful.
This was a quick queue and just the start of all the fun that RWG's theme park has to offer!

Going back to the time where dinosaurs ruled the land.

It was a water ride that went a small loop but there was a presentation in the middle of it all that took a while.
And just look at that! 

Impressive hey.
He's your type.

Queueing up for the go kart took me forever.
We're talking 1.5 hours.
It seems there were a few issues with visitors who cut the queues and were firmly dealt with by the management.
But on the other hand, there were strange requirements like not being allowed any form of baggage.
Not even a small sling bag.
Which simply meant I had to go on this alone because it was just too much time wasted on the queue and still required a locker for valuables.

Now this.

Is where you get to see a panoramic view of Genting.
From the highest point.
If you dare to keep your eyes open.

But you only have a while to take in the sights because.

It's a sudden mad drop before they haul you back up for that breathtaking ride.
And then it's over too fast too soon.
Not for the weak hearted.

And there was also the corkscrew ride which was a mad rollercoaster!
*Tip: Keep a watch on the maintenance timings and come just right before they open again.
I went at 5pm and I didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes for a turn.
Which simply meant I had time for two turns on it :)

And then it was dinner time.
Where else but Happy Valley Seafood at Theme Park Hotel just a hop across from the main entrance to the theme park.

Look at all the fresh seafood on offer.

Boston lobster in cheese, garlic and butter sauce.

Think lobsters in nacho sauce.
That's a pretty darn good combination hey.
But eat it hot before it all coagulates together.

These prawns were fresh tiger grass prawns.
For 9 good sized prawns at RM $25,
I thought this was a steal!
But skip the drunken prawn option.
Their broth was too weak on the taste.
I think tom yum or a simple ginger garlic option might be a better choice of cooking.

Fried chicken in plum sauce.
This was a small order.
But the portions were generous.
The batter wasn't done so well.
And probably because it was served lukewarm,
the fried chicken wasn't all too exciting for me.

Seafood fried mee sua.
This tasted like it was fried in the canned pig's trotters.
But I doubt it.
There was diced meat and we think it might be duck.
And what a pleasant surprise it is. :)
Loads of beansprouts the way I like it for that crunch and fresh crunchy prawns.
Savoury and it was a good carb option but there were some clumps in the noodles that I'd be happy to do without.

Just for two, these dishes meant we were so well fed I was waddling like a penguin by the time dinner was over.

Once again, it's thanks to Nuffnang and Resorts World Genting for their generous meal provisions and the all access theme park pass.
Proud to be a Resorts World Genting Evangelist :)

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