Sunday, September 09, 2012

Mushroom Beach

Map's with me.
But let's just ride like the wind.
And go where the road leads.
We took a while.
Made a wrong turn from the start but that was our round the island trip completed.
Say hello mushroom beach! :)

Prices looked good hey.
But all those meats listed were options not a selection of all.
You couldn't blame us for trying to comprehend.

But let's just do the ordering first.
We've gotten used to waiting for hours on end for our meals.
And this time the power supply was out.
Kitchen's still good to go since it worked on gas.
But that meant juices were from cans so let's just stick with water.

But we skipped all that.
Had a certificate ceremony and a dive video appointment to keep. :)

beached girls.

Leaving our footprints in the sand.
Same sized feet.

oh so tiny!

crystal clear waters.

shiny happy people. :)

Every bit worth the fall.
I can now ride!

The dressing was weak.
But the cheese and mayo add on made up for it.
Some good salad.
Avocadoes, crunchy cucumbers and salad leaves, their version of croutons, juicy tomatoes and an overcooked poached egg.

Seafood chowder.
They don't do seafood very well here to get rid of that fishy taste.
But this was an amazing bowl of comfort.
With tuna chunks, squid and prawns.
Mmm :)

Special of the day- chicken.
This was tender and juicy.
The pesto pasta was a little past al dente and the mushroom cream sauce was too weak for any real flavour.

Special of the day- beef
This was very well done.
They don't do beef well here either hey.
But it was a satisfying portion and for that kinda prices?
We were happy campers.

Ikan Pepes.
Spicy sweet achar side of onions.
The sauce accompanying the fish was a little too unique for our palate.
But otherwise, it was moist and had a slight sweetness to testify to its freshness.

Going back to pondok baruna was a lot easier this time.
Taking only 15 minutes. 
This was a fraction of the time we took to get to mushroom beach.
Freshly fried peanuts sprinkled with salt.
The perfect muncher. 
Once you start.
I darn well couldn't stop.

Congrats to you both.
I'm so awesomely proud of you. :)

Of molas and memories to keep me high on life.
Keep diving!

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