Monday, September 24, 2012

Gayatri @ Racecourse Road

Staying away from the mainstream Muthu's Curry and Banana Leaf Apollo,
have you heard of Gayatri?
this restaurant is flanked on both sides by the abovementioned restaurants.
It's less commercialized,
more affordable and not a tad less upmarket.

Case in point:
Menus and orders taken on tablets.
Supervisor says- "We have as many tablets as we want. There's so many!" :)

Monday and Wednesday are Curry Fishhead Promotion days.
At $17 for a massive crockpot of fish head, okra and a single pineapple cube.
More than enough to be shared by 4.

Butter chicken.
The gravy.
*proceeds to mop it up with naan.

Fresh out from the tandoori oven.
Ask for your level of doneness.
Their usual is fluffy soft.
You can have crusty crisp.
And I know my descriptive words are worth a laugh.
Or two.
But those are my 2 cents (words) worth
and gets me my perfect order anytime aiight!

Try the Kashmiri.
With dried fruit and nuts.
This goes perfect with curry anything. :)

Gayatri Restaurant
122 Race Course Road  218583
6292 4544

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