Sunday, September 16, 2012

Food for Thought @ Botanical Gardens

Life. Made simple.

What's on your table?
Everything looks like a treat. :)

But there was just us three.
Two orders of mee rebus.
No meat?
The sauce was good though.
Not overwhelmingly starchy.
Savoury sweet.

Almond pesto chicken burger with fries.
The fries were fat and crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside.
Best for sharing and maybe insufficient for that.
The chicken was generous, with a fillet and a half but mine were overfried.
I would've liked more pesto sauce.
A bit more crunchy greens and another juicy tomato slice maybe?
And then I could already be asking for an extra salad. :p

A happy place for brunch.
Love the high ceilings.
The huge tables.
Come on, share a table.
Or take a short wait for a private one.

The spacious walkways.
I'm hardly claustrophobic here.
Have a conversation.
No one's that close to hear you. :)

Everyone's in the same mood.
Relaxed. Laidback.
You're here because you are learning to
Rule 1. Savour every moment
That's an important life lesson hey.


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