Sunday, September 09, 2012

(cowa)bunga bungalow!

If you love the ocean,
bring it up.
And make yourself comfortable hey. :)

After a hard day's dive of molas.
Kick back


And i thought gado gado would be a salad order.
I'd rather have my ketupat than a side of white rice.
Was a good light meal option though :)

Contentment :)

What a pair of cuties.
They were using those squeeze cups and water to draw on the sandy steps.
Happiness is simple.

We loved it so much.
We were back here again
to make reservations for dinner cos they were running on full the night before.
And have some tea while waiting for them to end theory lessons.
But ward's too hungry to wait
so there's his carbonara.
If they had it with crisp bacon, it might've been perfect.
It reminded me of you :)

Fireworks specials from the other side.
Looks like mad fun :)
That kept our hungry monkey minds off food at least for awhile.

Greek salad.
Their croutons are toasted bread chunks.
Didn't like it much.
But i loved the juicy tomatoes-
which went awesome with the salty feta and olives. :)

And calamari fritters with boiled potatoes
(was not a potato salad any way we looked at it.)
These weren't any good honestly.
But they weren't our main reason for tonight.
Hello pizza party nights!


Seafood calzone.
Now where's my cheese?
And the seafood was definitely full of the sea.
Skip this.

So here's the verdict:
Thin crust pizzas served hot were simply love.
Every one of the pizzas were good.
Save for that calzone option.
tomato base was rich and had a sour tang.
I'd be pretty confident to say it didn't come from a can.
Toppings were ample and the cheese was good.
The mexicana was last and it was spicy hawt so be careful of that if you can't take hot and spicy like tabasco.

Six pizzas and four salads.
came up to about $13 per person plus beverages.
Good food doesn't always have to be pricey.
At least not here on nusa lembongan.

Well fed. 

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