Saturday, September 08, 2012

girlfriend therapy @ duxton

blink and you'll miss it.

second floor.
push open the door.
the handle's a spade.
did you notice?
we had to be on the waiting list but it was just about a 15 minute wait.
almost settled for wok & barrel.

grilled ham and cheese panini with a house salad topped with couscous and chips.

that's some serious cheese.
would've loved more tomatoes. :)

much raved about poached eggs.
runny. mmm.
hollandaise sauce was very rich and creamy.
mop it all up with that thick toast.
smoked salmon for that protein boost.
while i enjoyed it,
i'm sure they could've thrown in another piece of toast for $15.

i'll be back some time to try the other offerings on the menu.
girlfriend therapy.

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