Monday, October 01, 2012

Ardent's @ 80 Neil Road

Love the cosy feel.

Nothing like an iced frappe for a respite from the sweltering heat.
Hell yeah, bring on the whipped cream.
I'm sure that walk in the heat from Chinatown station was reason enough. ;)

$7.90 for a generous serving of rosti.
Crisp crust.
Creamed scrambled eggs.
And add-on option for just $2.
Adding on a cheese hotdog would be the $2.50 option.
Brunch doesn't always have to be an expensive affair.

Eggs Montreal
Their relation to smoked salmon?
Perfectly poached eggs.
Just enough hollandaise sauce.
And the simple side salad that I really love.

Why we didn't do the dessert option here on my last visit, I question myself.
But better late than never.
I mean,
Warm lava cake.
Molten chocolate.
A generous scoop of hazelnut ice cream.
Served on a cookie crunch base.
All drizzled with sticky caramel.
Oh my yum.

This was $8.80.
I kid you not.

And just because it was a birthday celebration for my dive buddies,
here's a First Hug from The Patisserie.
Mango Passionfruit Meringue.

In all that crumbly goodness,
this was amazing. :)

Have a happy birthday already!
Special additions of dolphin and nemos for you.

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