Thursday, October 25, 2012

Changi Airport Run

I never knew there was a Paradise Inn outlet hidden on the second floor of Changi Airport's Terminal 1. I was about to say I hadn't been at any of the Paradise Group outlets for a long while till I remembered I was just at their outlet at the Flyer in June.

A casual outlet, order forms are left on the table for diners to fill in before calling for the waitstaff. That wouldn't have been a point to note except we attempted to place our orders directly with the waitstaff. :p

And when they do come to repeat your orders before sending it into the kitchen, I was duly impressed with her memory of the items if only just by the 3 digit numbers that we wrote on the order form.

I'm no Cantonese but I love soup. Double boiled soup especially. pork rib with old yellow melon. Direct translations. That's double boiled pork rib with yellow melon soup. 
It's the first time I'm eating up all my soft bones full of collagen. :) *slurps.

Three egg spinach braised in superior stock. I could totally be cooking up the descriptions. That's century, salted and regular egg for you cooked with minced meat and spinach in a slurpingly delicious soup.

Carbo staples?
Just for the two girls, you gave up your selfish choice of a la mian.
And decided on seafood braised rice noodles.
Lacking in that umami flavour.
Braising has to be done with those canned pig trotters I swear.

And yay!
I used to balk at the thought of eating deer.
Doesn't the image of Bambi with its pretty white striped head and spots make it pure cruelty to ingest?
But of course, with a taste reminiscent of beef, similar in protein but lower on all counts for calories, cholestrol and fat as compared to beef, lamb or pork... 
I'd choose venison anyday.
Love you tender. :)

And just for a coffee break.
We headed to Ritazza on the first floor of arrivals. It's behind Ru Yi and next to Watsons.
This latte was 95% steamed milk I kid you not.
But it was enough to keep us awake for awhile.

It's been awhile.

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