Monday, October 22, 2012

Deja vu. It's already been a year.

Every October,
we report for national service.
Some of us as markers.
Others as recorders.
Our yearly marking exercise sees the breaks for markers getting longer
but conversely, shorter for the recorders.

What's to do for a 2.5 hour lunch break?
N.Y.D.C tucked away in a corner at Novena Square.
Perfect chill out for a long lazy lunch break.

Citibank's running a one for one promotion on mains
and that was brilliant news for us all. :)

Anything from pastas, pizzas, baked rice to mains.

And it's been a while since.

Grilled new york strip.
Medium well just like I ordered.
Except that it wasn't as marbled as I wished it would've been, following the description on the menu.
But it was a hearty serving of beef.
Even the fat on the rind was good.

I was also suitably impressed with their serving of fish and chips.
Two generous pieces of pacific dory.
Hand battered and served fried to a golden crisp.
And accompanied by a side salad and these deliciously seasoned wedges.

When was the last time you were at nydc?
At Novena, it isn't filled with the younger crowd unlike the scene at Wheelock Place.
I'm in the older generation already and I feel right at home with the working crowd at this outlet.
Just saying. ;)

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